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          JF Fodder Processors


          JF Fodder Processors and Hammer mills

          JF Fodder Processors and hammer mills have high resistance and durability. They provide excellent productivity and help the farmer to improve feeding of cattle.

          • Grinding dry maize grains and cobs
          • Chopping sugar cane, napier grass and other foliage.



          JF 2-D.

          Chops green fodder at 850KGS Per Hour
          Mills Maize flour at 250KGS Per Hour
          Mills Maize cobs?at 350KGS Per Hour
          Driven by 3HP 1PH motor or petrol engine

          JF 5-D.

          Chops green fodder at 3,000KGS Per Hour
          Mills maize flour at 700KGS Per Hour
          Mills Maize cobs at 700KGS Per Hour
          Driven by 7.5HP 1PH?or 10HP 3PH motor or diesel engine

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