Plate Compactors
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          Plate Compactors


          Robin plate compactors

          Robin plate compactors have earned an enduring reputation for high quality & performance. They are easy to start, easy to maintain and reliable.

          ENGINE - Air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder
          MAX POWER - 5.0hp/ 3600rpm
          DISPLACEMENT - 183cm
          TANK - 3.8 litres

          LF80 Plate Compactor

          The Atlas Copco range of forward soil plates are specially designed for compacting granular soils. They are ideal and most economical for small repair and maintenance work. The LF80 is designed for asphalt, sand, gravel and silt.


          • Specially shaped bottom plate
          • Unique vibration-reduced handle
          • Stowable handle for easy transportation and storage
          • Long life V-belt thanks to cooling fan and ventilated cover
          • Standard lifting eye for crane lifting positioned in the middle of the machine to keep balanced during lifting

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